*** Litter 10 (Pedigree) ***

born 2006-04-15

e. SU(u)CH NUCH SVCH Stardom Soul Player "Viktor"

u. Streamside's Bluebell Memory "Minja"

Now the puppies have arrived! 4 bitches and 3 dogs, all liver/white. 1 bitch and 1 male have tan signs. They were born the night between 14 and 15 of April.

The delivery was successful and the puppies and their mother feel fine.


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Streamside's Bluebell Memory "Minja"

SU(u)CH NUCH SVCH Stardom Soul Player "Viktor"



The puppies are now 4 months old and here is a picture of the puppy breeder group that was BIS-breeder, puppies, August 19, 2006, the puppies are from the left, Picabo´s Playing Ice´n Fire, Picabo´s Passion Player, Picabo´s Playing Penny Peanut and Picabo´s Playing Pal, who became BOB-puppy and BIG3, Congratulations to the proud owner, Annika Ödling!!

The puppies are now 7,5 weeks old



Picabo´s Playing for Victory, "Kim", owner Lennart Hallin, Nordingra


Picabo´s Playing Over´n Over, "Kim", owner Anette Lindén, Vasteras



Picabo´s Playing Pal, "?", Owner Annika Ödling, Nora



Picabo´s Playing Ice´n Fire, "Tussla", owner Annelie Berggren, Soraker



Picabo´s Playing Penny Peanut, "Ida", owner Eva Löwensten, Timra



Picabo´s Play with Fire, "Wilma", owner Tanja Hofmann, Edsele



Picabo´s Passion Player, "?", owner Cecilia Andrén, Delsbo


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