*** Litter 12 (Pedigree) ***

sire. SU(U)CH Cepen Causin A Riot 

dame. Picabo's Playing Fire'n Ice      


Pictures of the puppies 5.5 week old

9 Puppies (5 bitches & 4 dogs)  born on May 18 , sire SU(u)CH Cepen Causing a Riot, Freddie, dame Picabo´s Playing Ice´n Fire, Thea




SU(U)CH Cepen Causin A Riot 

Hips - B
Eye - clear
Fucosidos - Clear


Picabo's Playing Fire'n Ice   

Hips- A
Eye - clear
Fucosidos - Clear


Today, 16:th of mars, Thea and Freddie “got married”. I have had the opportunity to get to know Freddie quite well as he lives at my friend Annika Sanchez, house. Freddie is a nice uncomplicated dog. He retrieves very well and so does his offspring. The dame Thea loves working and is a very good looking bitch. We believe this combination will give lots of will to please, love for work combined with great exterior .


If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at benita@brodera.se or give me a call +46730-254955