2007-08-31 Our new puppies are  born, everything went   well, they came late last night. There are 5 girls and 4 boys. All seem healthy and hungry!!!!

I will update with pictures shortly.





We have been to a double show in Ornskoldsvik and Nordvik, arranged by the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club. "Minja", Sreamside´s Bluebell Memory had a successful weekend. She won the open class with a CK on Saturday, jude Patric Ragnarsson, and she was placed on the second place on Sunday, judge Filip Johnsson, also with a CK. The critic was very good. We were so pleased.  Minja´s daugheters also had a succsessful weekend. On Saturday, Thea, Picabo´s Playing Ice´n Fire won the juniorclass with a price of honour and the day after, sister "Ida", Picabo´s Playing Penny Peanut won the class, also with an honorary price.

Below a picture of "Minja", Streamside´s Bluebell Memory.





Now we have found out that Ida was not a Swedish Junior Winner after all. You have to qualify from the Nordic Winner Show i Stockholm coming December. We are still happy as she did great and we can also mention that there were 18 bitches in the class instead of 17. We wish Ida and her owner good luck in the future and you never know she might still be able to qualify for the title.




We are very happy to be able to inform, that we think that we today has got a Swedish Junior Winner, we have to check it up before we are quite sure, but "Ida", Picabo´s Playing Penny Peanut has today won the junior class at the Swedish Winner Show at Österbybruk, judge Agneta Cardell. There were 17 young bitches and Ida won the class with CK. If it it turns out that she really is a Swedish Junior Winner she is qualified for Crufts dog-show 2008. We keep our fingers crossed.





Our first International Champion, "Dron" ICH, JCHCZ, CHCZ, CHPL, CHSK Picabo´s Blue Hope. The plan is that "Dron" is coming to Sweden to stay in the kennel for about 6 month next year. We hope he will have a litter and we also plan to show him and hopefully make him a Swedish Champion. Interested can read more about Dron by clicking on the following link http://www.ess.ic.cz/






"Nora´s" daugheter Picabo´s Floria Tosca is now 1,5 years old. She likes to be out in the woods and she also likes tracking a lot.





"Thea" Picabo´s Ice´n Fire and "Ida", Picabo´s Playing Penny Peanut have both been to a show i Vasteras. The juniorclass was quite big, 17 junior bitches. "Thea" won the class with a honorary price and Ida was no. five. Big congratulations to the owners. Judge Patrik Ragnarsson.






"Ida", Picabo´s Playing Penny Peanut has been to the show "Little Stocholm". There were 12 bitches in the juniorclass and Ida was placed as number four with a HP-price. The critic was very good, a little loose in the elbow, everything else was excellent. Big congratulation to owner Eva Löwenstein who showed Ida. We have big hopes for you in the future. Picture is coming soon.




A new picture of "Thea", Picabo´s Ice´n Fire, 11 months old.. Thea is a happy, social and cheerful little bitch. She is going to be shown quite a lot during 2007.

We plan a new litter 2007 with the same combination as the last litter, Sire, SU(u)CH Stardom Soul Player, Dame, Streamside´s Bluebell Memory. See litter no. 10 under puppies.


2007-01-01 The year started in the worst way possible. We woke up early in the morning on new years day when we heared a noise of glass breaking. We went downstairs to look and the backside of the house was on fire. We managed to get out with the dogs. The firebrigade came in about 10 minutes and starated their work to put out the fire and after this was done we could save the photoalbums and some important papers, but all the furniture was damaged. We hade to move out and it will take about 6-8 months for the hourse to be repaired. We are now living in a flat, but we as well as the dogs are OK.

The had planned a litter this spring, but these plans are to be put off until later.

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